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   Miniature Donkeys.. will pull a cart, pack your gear up to an amazing 100 lbs. and be Loyal and True, as they only want to be with you!

     Miniature  Donkeys live an average 25 to 35 years and are as gentle as a lamb. "They LOVE people"
  A lone donkey is a crime, as they are very social little guys. Although they prefer the company of another donkey, they will bond with a horse or goat. Their play can be a little rough at times for smaller animals, so an escape place should be made for little goats or dogs. Please.....do not ask......we do not sell donkeys to a single donkey home.

     Mini donkeys do not usually like dogs (in the wild, the coyote is an enemy) but if raised with a dog, a donkey will bond with it and chase off strange dogs. Donkeys are very protective for their tiny size.

     Donkeys are really are not stubborn, as the myth says. They are little THINKERS!
Just give them a little time to do what you ask, and off they go. It's almost like an indignity to force a donkey into something. Donkeys just want to understand and are really very intelligent!

     They say, "If you look into a mini  donkey's eyes, it's like looking into your soul"........ DO YOU DARE?

     Each year, I offer for sale a few mini  donkey foals from my selective breeding program. I try to find loving permanent homes for my babies which are raised like they are part of the family and only sell to homes where that attention continues. Every mini  donkey foal is taught to lead, load, tie, be good with it's feet etc. Some are natural show donkeys and have left here to win blue ribbons!

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