About U-Misty-U

The story began 35 years ago when I purchased my first horse MISTY. Can’t keep a horse on a city lot?!?!! So I returned to the land my grandfather farmed since the hungry 30's.

 Since i was raised on a farm, I thought raising animals for sale seemed like the right thing to do with our land. Cattle, horses, etc., so I gave up my regular paycheck job and became head caretaker.

Then 20 years ago,  met my first mini donkey and fell in Love!

Love wasn’t enough, I needed a reason to buy a donkey. THEY PACK!!! I love to go out to the mountains hunting, fishing etc. and sometimes the horses can be a lot of work. TRAILERS, SHOES, HEAVY SADDLES, INSURANCE, etc...The mini donkey easily goes in the canopy and only needs a lead rope. Often a rope is not even necessary because they just want to be with their human friends!

They also will pull a cart ,and give children a ride on their back. Anything goes!

I have ten acres and decided it would be simple to add to the herd. Mini donkeys are so easy to care for, and don’t require much room. Often we let them loose on the front lawn so they can "mow" it. Have to be careful though, as they will follow right into the house if you are not fast closing the door!!

Also have found that the donkeys can be a big help in running off the pesky critters, & stray dogs. They are also good at keeping my lonely horse company. With all their crazy antics they keep her quite amused! Whether it be weaning foals, calves or goats, the donkeys will take care of them. The little donkeys give so much, and all they want back is a little love.

Health care is our #1 concern on this farm. Regular de worming and vaccinations are a must!! A little prevention REALLY is   worth a pound of cure!

All our little donkeys come with a guarantee to be, HEALTHY, SOUND & LOVEABLE! And they're MDR & CDMA registered :)

Check them out  I have a small, but excellent quality selection of these little darlings'!

Delivery can be arranged.









What do you do with them..come see..



August 4, 2017


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  Miniature Donkey Farm


Land Mail: Box 1952, Grand Forks, BC Canada, V0H1H0

phone: 1-250-442-8070

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