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These are incredible


personnel protection


Come with 2 year 












# 1 Stud


Kunta Kinte's Mist


Only 1 in a million deserves the rank of STUD dog or Super Sire.....and that rank belongs to

Kunta Kinte's Mist


Kunta Kinte's Mist is...... 


`conformationally perfect 



`meek around children or lambs

`yet stands guard when need be










I have owned German Shepherds most of my life and they prefer to be family dogs for sure!

My preference is the Solid Black Shepherd but some Black & tans also show up.

After several heart breaks due to adopting & getting dogs with NO GUARANTEES and living thru hip displasia etc....I knew it was time to look for the best dogs i could find.

Thanks to a couple reputable breeders and a million questions later i chose my SUPER  DOG Kunta Kinte'  and 3 ladies~each with different personalities and blood lines~


I own  family & farm


 German Shepherds.

Dogs are my best friend.

For More information about these great dogs

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The Ladies





    U-My Phara

Phara is great-great grand daughter of my Shepherd from the 80's.

Phara was born my best friend with all the exceptional instints of a German shepherd!


Loyal~Smart~a natural Guardian.

Yet friendly with all farm animals and little children.

OFA certified








    U-My Hali's Misty Eclipse

CKC # TL193102

Hali Beri  is only 10 mo's old and an absolutely amazing girl!!!

This time Hali again came from a GOOD kennel situation but we do not believe in kennels but raising our dogs like family with cats and dogs and children every day and as time progresses~we introduce horses~swimming ~peacocks etc

OFA certified








    Perfections China


CKC # WL299417

China is one of the last daughters of



China gets along with everyone and everything! She still chases butterflies and for what ever reason is just a VERY HAPPY girl!!!


China guards, just by instinct, but will let toddlers take a bone from her mouth & then drop it back in their lap so they do it again.

China is happiest laying in the center of my bed, but also looks forward to playing with all the others.

Just one happy girl

OFA certified










    Kunta Kinti's Mist

CKC # TL168612


I looked long and hard to

find such an amazing specimen of the GERMAN SHEPHERD BREED

Thanks to Grandview Kennels we found our


Kunta has great bone~great conformation and yet the sweetest, most gentle personality. Kunta only wants to please.

OFA certified







The BEST lil sitter

Whistle means COME

Are my ears up now?

Teaching the dog paddle


We raise people and animal friendly working German Shepherds.

Puppies are started from birth to be friendly, cuddly and obedient  "Come to the Whistle"

We only place our puppies in German Shepherd smart homes.

German Shepherds are BORN to be your best friend and watch over you~ a little training though is needed to guide the lil puppy brain :)



Born to follow




For more information regarding puppies, raising and or training German Shepherds.... please call or visit:



U-Misty-U Miniature Donkey Farm

Box 1952, 

Grand Forks,

 BC Canada, V0H1H0

Phone: 250-442-8070




wonder of YOU!